Feet and hands

  • Thai foot massage
    1 hour | £75

    A therapy that will release stress and strain in different parts of the body.
    1 hour | £75


    Inlight facial 
    Combining the use of traditional Ayurvedic points and lymphatic drainage techniques with the purity, quality and effectiveness of the fully organic Inlight products.
    1¼ hours | £75


    Back, Neck & Shoulder massage
    This is a relaxing massage therapy concentrating on the back, neck and shoulder muscles. The treatment is designed to relax and ease tension in these areas of the body where muscle problems most often occur.
    1 hour | £75

    Indonesian massage
    Strong pushing techniques, working very deeply to ease muscle and joint pain, complemented by long gentle strokes, offering the best therapeutic massage and spa style relaxation. Integrated health therapy ‘a unique integrated approach’ addresses your general lifestyle with a combination of acupressure, therapeutic massage and gentle joint mobilisation.
    1 hour | £80
    1½ hours | £95

    Chavutti Thirumal
    A deep tissue massage from the south of India unique in the fact that the therapist works almost entirely with their feet, using the arch, heel and toes to work into the contours of the body and literally iron out tension. The main focus of Chavutti Thirumal is to increase flexibility, maintain suppleness and relieve muscle pain. It is a thorough and deep treatment for those who enjoy strong pressure, which is not only relaxing and rejuvenating, it also has the same benefits as attending a yoga class
    1 hour | £80
    1½ hours | £95

    Thai massage
    A unique form of body and energy work that uses hands, feet, elbows and knees to press, squeeze, rock and stretch you into a state of  deep relaxation and well-being.
    1 hour | £80
    1½ hours | £95

    Lomi Lomi
    The traditional massage of the Hawaiian Islands, Lomi Lomi has been likened to ocean waves rolling over the body. This massage is applied with long, gentle, rhythmic strokes and fragrant oils to induce total peace and calm in the receiver and to invoke the spirit of Aloha (Love). A deeply relaxing and healing treatment.
    1 hour | £80
    1 ½ |£95

    A holistic massage using specific essential oils.
    1 hour | £80

    Inlight body embrace
    Inspired by Inlight’s silky Body Oil with Arnica, is a total body experience using sweeping spiral movements to relax and soothe together with Qi massage to unblock and release your body’s energy. Your therapist will tailor the treatment to your own particular needs, working on individual acupressure points and incorporating crystals to enhance the effect.  You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed from head to heels
    1 ½ hours | £95

    Swedish massage/holistic
    A traditional massage that can be adapted to suit the client.
    1 hour | £75
    1½ hours | £95

    The essential experience
    A one-off indulgent Aromatherapy treatment.
    2 hours | £135

    Apollo Awakening
    Two of our therapists, Sarah and Alex, have been inspired by the mystical nature of the waves to choreograph a four-handed massage named Apollo Awakening. It captures the energy and serenity of St Mawes’ bay as the two therapists work together in a wave-like flow that induces a profound awakening of your senses, re-connecting energy pathways from your core to the tips of your toes.
    1 hour | £135

    Herculean Deep Tissue Massage
    A four-handed deep tissue massage choreographed with wave-like moves to reflect the calming nature of our southerly bays.  Incorporated within the hour’s treatment are stretches to release tightness, precision work on major muscle groups to relax overworked fibres all of which is brought together with a synchronicity that ebbs and flows to calm even the busiest of minds. Using Inlights Organic Firm and Tone oil.
    1 hour | £135



    For Thai, Facial and Reflexology please wear loose clothing. The minimum cancellation notice required is 24 hours.



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